Sunday, September 20, 2009

Infectious Bite needs your help

I'm pleased to tell you that recently Infectious Bite has received many emails from individuals who wish to help spread awareness about malaria. To those individuals: I sincerely thank you.
Infectious Bite is an awareness and education organization. You can show your support and deliver pertinent information about malaria to the public by adding one of these notes to your profile page or website. [Single click to view image. Right click, & save.]

A single dose of malaria medication costs approximately 13 cents. Unfortunately, infected individuals can often not afford or find the necessary medication. $10 buys and delivers a bed net (through MalariaNoMore, NothingButNets, or the CDC Foundation), which can protect two children nightly, and prevent them from contracting malaria.There are 350-500 Million cases of malaria annually. Each year, there are about 1 Million deaths. Most of the dead are children and pregnant women.
Show your support and encourage action with this simple note.It is estimated that Africa's annual GDP would increase by $100 Billion if malaria were eradicated. Malaria is not just a health problem, it is also an economic drain.

Malaria kills 350-500 million people each year. Per day, there are 2700 malaria-related deaths. This is a global health concern of massive proportions.
Malaria is a disease that infects all areas of life. The economies of malaria-laden countries suffers from a reduced or disabled workforce and high mortality rate. It is estimated that Africa's GDP would be $100 Billion dollars greater (annually) if malaria were eradicated.

You can also spread awareness about the devastation of malaria by purchasing and wearing an Infectious Bite t-shirt. Profits support our educational events and go to malaria relief.

We appreciate all offers for help. With your help we can bite malaria back.

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