Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Moon -- The Twilight Saga

Hold on to your teeth, Ana Revenant is writing a blog article about New Moon. You should ask yourself: why? Then, you should realize that malaria must be involved.

Congratulations, you've cracked the code. I will do almost anything to raise awareness of the threat of malaria...even if that means promoting glittering vampires.

Malaria No More, a non-profit organization that provides malaria awareness education and relief, "is offering Twilight fans the chance to win two tickets to the early and exclusive New York City Press Screening of 'The Twilight Saga: New Moon' Wednesday, November 18th at Lincoln Center".

Excerpts from Malaria No More about their contest: [CONTEST CLOSED]

On Facebook, the contest is to recruit the most friends to join the Malaria No More Twilight Causes Page. The "Top Recruiter" will be notified via a private Facebook message. Malaria No More Causes Page: http://apps.facebook.com/causes/399734

On Twitter, the contest is to create a catchy tweet that relates a malarial mosquito to a vampire, and includes the hashtag #MNMBLOOD. The person that tweets the most interesting relationship in 140 characters and with the hashtag will be notified with a direct message. Twitter: http://twitter.com/

More information can be found on the Malaria No More blog page: http://malarianomore.org/blog/?p=2099

Enjoy the contest, and be warned: I may be lurking outside the movie theater waiting to dine on the well-marinated dinner entrees that walk into my arms. Ciao!

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