Thursday, April 15, 2010

Stayin' Alive

Malaria No More (MNM) chooses Jason Castro, American Idol season seven finalist, as the "Stayin' Alive" Ambassador. "The Stayin’ Alive campaign is the new grassroots movement that MNM has started to get American students involved in fighting malaria through dances and similar events to raise awareness about the disease."
Castro became involved with Malaria No More during Idol Gives Back, American Idol's Charity program. He "learned about the thousands of children that die daily from this dreaded disease."

Castro is excited to join Malaria No More's efforts to educate students and encourage their involvement. He says, "I was personally surprised to learn that malaria continues to be an epidemic in parts of the world, so I’m thrilled to do whatever I can to raise awareness of the continuing fight against this disease."

"It is estimated to be up to a half a billion cases of malaria annually with about 1 million deaths, particularly among young children. People contract malaria through the bite of an infected female Anopheles mosquito."

For more information on the "Stayin' Alive" campaign, visit Malaria No More

Source: 15 April 2010.

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