Sunday, May 2, 2010

Never too young or too small

Determined to help prevent needless deaths from malaria, middle school students in Westfield, Massachusetts set a lofty fundraising goal of $5,000. They raised money to purchase mosquito nets through the Nothing but Nets program, which sends mosquito nets to families in Africa. After learning that experts estimate that "one child dies every 30 seconds from malaria", this group of 93 students diligently campaigned to save lives.

Their fund-raising project succeeded in meeting and surpassing their goal. The seventh-grade students "raised more than $18,000 for the cause". For their efforts, the director of Nothing but Nets, Adrianna Logalbo, "presented the students with the first ever Notable Net Raisers Award". Mozzie the Mosquito, the project mascot, joined Logalbo in praising the fund-raising effort.

"Logalbo said that with the assistance of North Middle School the project has sent more than 3 million mosquito nets to families in Africa. She said the project was started four years ago and has raised over $30 million."

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LaBorde, Ted. "Westfield students raise money to fight malaria…" The Republican. 2 May 2010.

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